Cleveland has become Believeland. The Indians are giving this town something to cheer about. ESPN need not mention the fact that he-who-shall-not-be-named only has to win two games to make it to the Finals. I’m not saying that isn’t on my mind but it’s in the background. In the forefront is the Tribe and their amazing season so far. I know I’m repeating myself when I say this is never what I expected to happen in 2011. In fact,I said as much in a blog before the season started. I will gladly admit I was wrong to have such doubts but no one expected anything of this team. It’s almost like the Cleveland Browns of 2007,we never expected them to have a 10-6 season. The beauty of baseball is that there are many more games than an NFL season. Speaking of the number of games,the Indians are the first team in the MLB to reach 30 wins this season and it’s May 24th. I wouldn’t have ever thought that they would have that many wins before the end of May. But you can’t ever predict the future so I’m glad to be surprised. The hero of this team has to be Asdrubal Cabrera right now. He went 5 for 5 on Sunday,a career high and hit two homers as well. In the win over the Red Sox last night,he hit the game-winning double. He’s on pace to have an explosive year. This team is just a lot of fun to watch. These guys go out and do whatever it takes to win the game. I love it. And watching winning baseball is a whole lot of fun. As for postseason hopes,I’m taking it one day at a time. Why should we think about October when it’s still May? Go Tribe!

On fire in April

If there was one thing I thought the Indians would be at the close of April,it wouldn’t have been 18-8. The Indians continue to be the surprise of the season so far. Even writing this I have a hard time believing it. I’m repeating myself when I say I forgot how it felt to cheer on a winning baseball team. It’s easy to believe though considering the performance of the Indians the past several years. I’m not trying to repeat myself again but I’m used to cheering for teams that constantly have losing seasons. Let me tell you when they win it feels amazing. You don’t get that feeling when you become used to your team winning all the time. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t be a fan of a winning team,just don’t let yourself become used to the winning. Winning baseball is so much fun to watch. It’s great to see the fans get behind the Indians. I’m keeping it in the moment. Right now it’s exciting and exhilarating. That’s all that I’m thinking about. Let’s talk about what the Tribe has done in April,they finished 18-8. They hold the top spot in the AL Central. They have won 12 consecutive games at home,which I find incredible. Road games can be tough so try to win as many as you can at home. Think about it,the last time the Tribe lost at home was the first weekend of baseball. That feels like forever ago! They set a club record for April wins and this is a club that has been around for 111 years. That’s saying something right there. And look at the records in the AL Central at the end of April: Cleveland 18-8,Kansas City 14-13,Detroit 12-15,Chicago White Sox 10-18 and Minnesota 9-17. That looks reversed to me. That isn’t what anyone would have thought at the beginning of the season. This weekend the Indians have won in exciting fashion with two walk-off wins in a row. That is my favorite kind of win to see in baseball because it’s the most exciting. I don’t know how this season will turn out but I am living in the moment right now. And I have to say this moment feels incredibly amazing. Go Tribe! 

Welcome back,Grady

April 17,2011-Grady Sizemore returned to the
starting lineup of the Cleveland Indians,having been out 11
months due to a left knee injury. He came back from
microfracture surgery and rehab. Got two words:WELCOME BACK!
Cleveland Indians fans all across the state were happy to see
their All-Star back. The last time Grady played a full season
was 2008. That was forever ago. I was glad to see him back
and so happy for him because I knew it meant a lot to him.
For any player coming off what he did,it would. I wasn’t sure
how his first game back would play out. He returned to the
leadoff spot,and in the bottom of the third,he hit a solo
homer-his first since August 27,2009. Wow! But something we
were all happy to see. He returns to a team that has been
winning. The Tribe swept the Baltimore Orioles this weekend
and are now 11-4. They have won seven straight at home. They
have two losses at home and two on the road. They took sole
possession of the AL Central division top spot,due to Kansas
City’s loss. If you had told me when the season started they
would be at this point I wouldn’t have believed you. I’m not
expecting much of the Tribe,certainly not the playoffs. They
haven’t had to battle back from behind so I’d like to see
what they do with adversity. The bottom line is they are fun
to watch. And I haven’t been able to say that for a long
time. I forgot what it feels like to have my team actually
win games. I love the feeling. I’m hoping it continues. Go

The start of the 2011 season

Week 1 of the 2011 baseball season is in the
books. The Indians record:4-2. Repeat that,I’m having a hard
time believing it! Yes,it’s true. In my last blog I did not
display much hope for 2011. The teams I cheer for seem to be
in constant rebuilding modes,which explains why I felt that
way. I’ve got hope now. That’s not to say I’m betting on the
Tribe to go to the World Series. No way! I have hope that
they may have a decent season. The first two games did not
seem to spell hope. Carmona imploding in the season opener
was not that much of a shock to me. He has that factor,he’s
not steady. After that game,it was almost like it can’t get
any worse than this. I think where the Indians may struggle
is their pitching. It’s always something with the Indians.
It’s either the bullpen,starting pitching or the hitting.
Every team has its struggles. When I saw the Indians would be
playing the Red Sox I thought,great..that’s 3 losses. To be
honest I did not know they hadn’t won a game yet. And I was
quite shocked to see that the Tribe beat them in the first
game,then the second and the 1-0 squeaker yesterday
afternoon. It really felt exhilarating. When do you ever have
a chance to sweep a team like Boston and get them off to an
0-6 start? Chances are slim to none. I think the Tribe can
take this and build on it. It’s great for morale. Let’s
continue this tonight against Seattle!

2011,what’s going to happen?

When you look at my blogs from last year,it’s fairly obvious the Indians were bad. What’s new about that? Nothing,obviously. Each year I get excited around spring training. Every year that excitement goes down the toilet by July,often before then. I say to myself that I shouldn’t be surprised. Being a Browns fan,I should be used to it. But I think every fan can attest to this,you just caught up in the moment. Somehow you forget about the past. You forget about those losing seasons and that 3-1 lead the Tribe blew in the ALCS. Oh,but it all comes back after a few losing streaks,it’s human nature. Now it’s 2011 and spring training is around the corner. I’d like to be that optimist and say I’m feeling good about this season. But that is not me and I’d just like to say I have a feeling we will be down in the basement this year. Feel free to surprise me,Tribe. I shouldn’t write them off when the season hasn’t even started yet. Okay,I’ll try to have some hope. Hope for 2011. It’s a lot to ask for but I can try. Baseball season starting usually gets me excited,so I can think I can do that. Here’s to the 2011 Cleveland Indians season,let’s hope it doesn’t go all to pieces.

Winning streaks,losing streaks

I think every Tribe fan can agree to this-we always seem to go on winning streaks,then losing streaks.We can’t seem to ever be consistent.It’s almost the All-Star break and pretty soon it will be the time to wave the white flag,yet again,by the monkey in charge-Mark Shapiro.It should be fairly obvious I have much distaste for that guy.What has been plaguing the Tribe is injuries-Cabrera is rehabbing now but I really don’t know what is happening with Grady.And I think something happened to Choo last night.Just seems like the Cleveland Browns to me,that’s always what seems to happen to them.So the Tribe won 5 in a row..but that winning streak ended last night,what a shocker.Obviously there’s some bigger things going on in Cleveland right now,ahem-LeBron saga.Or should I call him “quitter”,which is what I consider him to be.But that’s obviously not really a story for a MLB blog.I just want the Tribe to win,bottom line.I don’t know when that will happen.There seems to be constant rebuilding…but I guess I’m kind of used to that with all my teams.Here’s to hoping that the Tribe goes on another winning streak and starts being consistent.Wishful thinking,but oh,well..

April ends,May begins

One month of baseball has come and gone. I think April zoomed by,like it seems all months zoom by. The Tribe ended April 9-13. Not a great record,not sure how what their April record was last year. But the optimist in me looks at it as not being that bad,since I expected them to lose all their games. And with their 11 inning,walk-off win last night they are now 10-13..they have to win three straight to get back to even. With the Cavs being in the playoffs I’m paying more attention to them right now,quite obviously,since it’s the playoffs and the intensity just doubles! So not sure what all I can say about the Tribe. I read a stat saying 82 of our runs have come with 2 outs-you can look at that in two ways. You can look at that they are having problems getting anything done or you can say they aren’t giving up just cause there are two outs. Our hitting seems to be the biggest problem-not being able to support our pitchers. But yet,the bullpen can get scary sometimes. That win last night has to be a momentum builder,though. That hit by Cabrera was beautiful..that’s the hitting I like to see..And how he got them in the ballgame,with help from Grady and Choo. If they can just keep up this consistency,they’ll be fun to watch. We will see how May goes. Either way,May is going to be a good time in Cleveland-with the Cavs trying to bring a championship to Cleveland. But I can’t allow myself to think ahead that far,just taking it one game at a time. And I will try to take that approach with the Tribe!:) Now let’s get this series win over Minnesota today!!